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2.1-2 Duty to Follow the Law

Revised to January 1, 2008

It is your duty to follow my instructions and conscientiously apply the law as I give it to you to the facts as you find them in order to arrive at your ultimate verdict.  If you should have a different idea of what the law is or even what you feel it ought to be, you must disregard your own notions and apply the law as I give it to you.  The parties are counting on having their claims decided according to particular legal standards that are the same for everyone, and those are the standards I will give you and that you must follow.  If what counsel said about the law differs from what I tell you, you will dismiss from your minds what they may have said to you.  You must decide this case based only on the law that I furnish to you and on the basis of all of the law as I give it to you regardless of the order of my instructions.  You must not single out any particular instruction or give it more or less emphasis than any other, but rather must apply all of my instructions on the law that apply to the facts as you find them.



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