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3.7-19  Family Car Doctrine - General Statutes § 52-182

New March 25, 2011 (modified September 28, 2012)

In Connecticut, we have a statute called the family car doctrine, which makes the owner of a car driven by the owner’s (spouse/parent/child) liable to the same extent as the driver unless the owner proves that the driver was not authorized to drive the vehicle. In this case, <name of defendant owner> presented evidence through which (he/she) attempted to prove the driver was not authorized to drive the vehicle at the time of the accident. It is up to you to determine whether the evidence presented was sufficient to do so. If it was, then <name of defendant owner> cannot be held liable. If it was not, then you must find <name of defendant owner> liable to the same extent as the driver.


Jancura v. Szwed, 176 Conn. 285, 290 (1978).


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