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Criminal Jury Instructions  

Criminal Jury Instructions



Definition 1:  "Computer" means a programmable, electronic device capable of accepting and processing data. 

Source:  General Statutes 53a-250 (2) (applies to Part XXII:  Computer-Related Offenses, 53a-251 -- 53a-261 and 52-570b).

Definition 2:  "Computer" means an electronic, magnetic or optical device or group of devices that, pursuant to a computer program, human instruction or permanent instructions contained in the device or group of devices, can automatically perform computer operations with or on computer data and can communicate the results to another computer or to a person. "Computer" includes any connected or directly related device, equipment or facility that enables the computer to store, retrieve or communicate computer programs, computer data or the results of computer operations to or from a person, another computer or another device.

Source:  General Statutes 53-451 (1) (applies to Internet Crimes).    



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