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Criminal Jury Instructions

Criminal Jury Instructions Home

1.1-6 Supplemental Instruction for Selected Jurors and Alternates

Revised to November 6, 2014

Now that you have been selected to serve in this criminal trial you will be obligated by your oath to follow the rules of juror conduct until you are discharged by the court.

It is your sworn duty to decide the factual issues based only on the evidence presented in court. You must not perform any investigation or research on any issue of fact, law, or legal procedure. Additionally you must avoid all publicity about the case and all communications to or from anyone about the case or any issues arising in it. If you are exposed to any such publicity or communications despite your best efforts to follow this instruction to avoid it, you must immediately inform this court about the exposure in writing, without advising any other jurors about the fact or the nature of the exposure, so that the court can follow up, as necessary, with you and/or other jurors, to protect the parties’ right to a fair trial.

Do you understand?


The Supreme Court ordered that all trial courts provide this instruction to each newly selected juror before the juror leaves the courthouse after selection. Kervick v. Silver Hills Hospital, 309 Conn. 688 (2013).


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