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Criminal Jury Instructions  

Criminal Jury Instructions



"Restrain" means to restrict a person's movements intentionally and unlawfully in such a manner as to interfere substantially with (his/her) liberty by moving (him/her) from one place to another, or by confining (him/her) either in the place where the restriction commences or in a place to which (he/she) has been moved, without consent.  As used herein "without consent" means, but is not limited to, (A) deception and (B) any means whatever, including acquiescence of the victim, if (he/she) is a child less than sixteen years old or an incompetent person and the parent, guardian or other person or institution having lawful control or custody of (him/her) has not acquiesced in the movement or confinement. 

Source:  General Statutes 53a-91 (1) (applies to Part VII:  Kidnapping and Related Offenses, 53a-92 -- 53a-99).

Commentary:  See glossary entry for "abduct."   




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