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  Connecticut General Statutes and Acts
Pathfinder prepared by the Connecticut Judicial Branch law librarians:

Publications from the Connecticut Judicial Branch:

Connecticut Office of Policy Management:

OLR Research Reports - Office of Legislative Research:

  • Municipal Authorization to Tax Property - 2014-R-0037
    1. Do municipalities derive their taxing power from the state or federal government?
    2. Does that power include exempting different types of property from taxation?
    3. Does federal law require municipalities to exempt nonprofit 501(c) (3) organizations from paying property taxes?.

  • Delinquent Property Taxes - 2014-R-0046
    What interest rate do neighboring states impose on delinquent property taxes? Have any of these states offered property tax amnesty programs?

  • Deadline For Property Tax Assessment Appeal - 2010-R-0118
    You want to know whether a taxpayer has any recourse if he or she fails to appeal a property tax assessment by the February 20 statutory deadline.

  • Appealing Property Tax Assessments - 2009-R-0335
    You asked us to describe the process for appealing property tax assessments.

  • Valuing Residential Property In Connecticut And Massachusetts - 2008-R-0358
    You asked us to compare how Connecticut and Massachusetts municipalities Determine the value of residential property taxes and the procedures they provide for appealing these valuations.

  • Tax Appeal Process In Connecticut And Other States 2008-R-0352
    You asked for an update of our 2006 Report (2006-R-0378).

  • Property Tax Assessment Appeals - 2008-R-0181
    You asked for a summary of the law on appeals of real property tax assessments. You were particularly interested in the information that the board of assessment appeals must provide to taxpayers upon request.

Library Materials

Real Estate Tax Appeals in Connecticut: Practical Perspectives,
CBA [book with 2 cassette tapes] -
Check your local law library for availability

2014 Acts Affecting Taxes (Office of Legislative Research)

Selected Statutes:

  • Sec. 12-111. Appeals to board of assessment appeals.
  • Sec. 12-117a. Appeals from boards of tax review or boards of assessment appeals.
  • Sec. 12-119. Remedy when property wrongfully assessed.

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