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Statewide Grievance Committee
Statewide Bar Counsel

Advertising Advisory Opinions  -  PDF opinions listed chronologically by issue date

Opinion #


14-08355-A Firm Website, Rule 7.1 and 7.4, Super Lawyers 11/12/14
14-06504-A Self-Mailing Postcard Sent to Home Seller 10/31/14
14-06467-A Letter Sent to Home Sellers 10/30/14
14-04961-A Website Advertising Prepaid Legal Services 10/17/14
14-06286-A A Letter Soliciting Clients for Mismanagement of Investment Claims 09/19/14
14-03932-A Internet Advertisement Regarding Illegal Phone Calls 05/27/14
14-03988-A A Letter Soliciting Consumers Affected by Automobile Recall 05/19/14
13-08337-A Letter Soliciting Homeowners Undergoing Foreclosure, Rule 7.4A Certification as Specialist 12/04/13
13-06957-A Print Advertisement Soliciting Plaintiffs for Class Action, Rules 1.5(e) and 7.2(h) and Referral of Cases 11/18/13
13-06958-A Print Advertisement Soliciting Plaintiffs for Class Action, Rule 7.2(h) Shared Advertising and Referral of Cases 11/18/13
13-04157-A Advertisement Soliciting Clients Injured by Medical Device 07/18/13
13-04044-A Brochure Advertisement Regarding Family Mediation Services 07/08/13
13-02510-A Television Advertisement Regarding Personal Injury Services 05/31/13
13-02222-A Joint Advertisement of Real Estate Services, Law Firm and NonLaw Firm 05/13/13
13-07108-A General Firm Advertisement 03/18/13
12-07210-A Television Advertisement Regarding Debt Collection Practices 11/07/12
12-03904-A Radio Advertisement Concerning Bankruptcy Process and Firm's Services 07/10/12
12-03903-A Radio Advertisement for Bankruptcy Services 07/10/12
12-03902-A Radio Advertisement Concerning Sunday Office Hours 07/10/12
12-03901-A Radio Advertisement Concerning Child Custody Issues in Divorce Cases 07/10/12
12-03900-A Radio Advertisement for Divorce Services 07/10/12
12-01870-A Mailing to Prospective Clients In Wrongful Death Action, Rule 7.1 Misleading Statements 04/12/12
12-01871-A Mailing to Prospective Clients In Serious Injury Case, Rule 7.1 Misleading Statements 04/12/12
11-07108-A Print Advertisement Soliciting Plaintiffs Injured by Medical Device 11/23/11
11-05307-A Letter and Brochure Mailed as Enclosure to Potential Clients 09/15/11
11-03423-A Advertisement for Divorce Services, Rule 7.2(f) Disclosure 06/06/11
11-03329-A Advertisement Enclosed in Gift Box, Rules 7.2(g) and 7.3 05/12/11
11-01609-A Billboard Advertisement of Estate Planning Services 03/09/11
11-01513-A Letter to Franchisees 02/25/11
10-05487-A Five Year Announcement Letter by Law Firm 10/19/10
10-04941-A Use of Disclaimers on Billboards 08/23/10
10-03032-A e-Local Link™ Internet Video Website Filing Requirements 05/06/10
10-01543-A Use of Practice Area in Firm Name 03/22/10
10-01407-A Foreign Language Brochure 03/12/10
10-01361-A Law Firm Telephone On Hold Message, Rule 8.4(5) 03/03/10
10-01283-A Billboard Advertisement, Rule 7.5 Trade Names 02/23/10
09-06834-A Advertisement on Electronic Billboard 12/17/09
09-06730-A Post Card Advertisement Mailed to Investment Fund Managers 12/07/09
09-06652-A Letter Soliciting Clients from Published Police Arrest Logs 11/25/09
09-06477-A Letter to Homeowners in Foreclosure 10/30/09
09-04941-A Firm Tag Line Advertising Phrase 09/18/09
09-04933-A Letter to Individuals Listed in Police Arrest Logs 09/03/09
09-04874-A Electronic Newsletter 09/03/09
09-04741-A Firm Brochure, Rule 7.4A(d) Firm Expertise 08/13/09
09-03322-A Attorney Website Advertising DUI Services 07/23/09
09-03156-A Television Advertisement on Home Foreclosures 06/03/09
09-03158-A Television Advertisement on Debtor Rights 06/03/09
09-03159-A Video on Demand Television Advertisement on Foreclosure Law 06/03/09
09-01453-A Revised Print Advertisement to Homeowners in Foreclosure 03/24/09
09-01114-A Personal Injury Print Advertisement - Use of Superlatives and Monetary Verdicts 02/26/09
09-01229-A Print Advertisement to Homeowners in Foreclosure 02/18/09
09-00658-A Solicitation of Small Claims Matters 02/06/09
08-04967-A Brochure Advertisement by Law Firm and NonLaw Firm 10/14/08
08-04988-A Communication Sent to Potential Clients In Need of Probate Services 10/03/08
08-04914-A Advertisement Sent to Former Clients and Other Attorneys, Client Testimonials 09/26/08
08-04895-A Communication Sent to Prospective Clients For Personal Injury Cases 09/19/08
08-04739-A Direct Mail Letter to Attorney, Business Cards, Rule 7.4 09/05/08
08-04627-A Communication Sent to Prospective Clients From Police Arrest Logs 08/01/08
08-01500-A A Brochure Mailed to Other Attorneys 03/24/08
08-01271-A Joint Advertisement by Law Firm and NonLaw Firm 02/27/08
08-01297-A Communication Sent to Prospective Business Clients 02/08/08
07-02500-A Print Advertisement, Joint Advertisement by Three Law Firms 01/15/08
07-01009-A Television Advertisement Critical of Insurance Companies
SGC Decision on Request for Review
07-01008-A Print Media Advertisement, Super Lawyers® Advertisement 11/16/07
07-01086-A Print Ad, Mandatory Filing; Rule 7.2(i) Information 10/19/07
07-01087-A Radio Advertisement, Areas of Practice; Rule 7.4 10/19/07
07-01099-A Use of Judicial Clerkships in Advertisements 10/09/07
07-00776-A Print Media Advertisement - Super Lawyers "Top 50 List" 10/05/07
07-00781-A Television Advertisement, Referral of Litigation to Out-of-State Firm 10/04/07
07-00188-A Print Media Advertisement - Super Lawyers 10/04/07
07-00859-A Radio Advertisement - "Raising the Bar"
SGC Decision on Request for Review
07-00860-A Radio Advertisement 09/13/07
07-00616-A Television Commercial 08/10/07
07-00192-A Print Media Advertisement 07/27/07
07-00193-A Firm Description and Resumes of Attorneys 07/26/07
07-00001-A Newspaper Advertisement 07/17/07

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