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1.1-6 Limitation on Contact with Jurors

Revised to January 1, 2008

Under the rules of juror conduct, you must not speak to anyone about any aspect of this case while it is in progress.  You will be instructed to use only certain routes to the courtroom to avoid contact with parties, witnesses, and lawyers.

While the court staff and I will greet you and give you any necessary instructions, we are not permitted to talk to jurors about a case while it is going on.  Similarly, the lawyers are bound by a rule of professional conduct that forbids them from having any contact with jurors during a trial, so you should not hold it against any party or lawyer that they maintain their distance and do not converse with you if you see them in the building.

Jurors are supposed to decide cases strictly on the basis of the evidence and law presented in court, and these rules exist to keep away any outside influences of any kind.


General Statutes 51-245; Rules of Professional Conduct 3.5; Practice Book 16-14, 42-8.


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