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1.1-9 Deaf or Hearing Impaired Jurors: Interpreter

Revised to January 1, 2008

Before you began your service in this case, you took a solemn oath.  In that oath, you swore that you would make a true interpretation to (Mr./Ms.) <name of deaf or hearing impaired juror> of all testimony and other proceedings that would take place in (his/her) presence in this case. 

You also swore that if (Mr./Ms.) <name of deaf or hearing impaired juror> were chosen to serve on this jury, you would assist (him/her) as an interpreter throughout the trial, including the jury deliberations, but that apart from making true interpretations of (his/her) remarks to the other jurors and of the remarks of the other jurors to (him/her), or in (his/her) presence, you would refrain from participating in any manner in the jury deliberations, and would refrain from having communications with anyone outside the jury concerning the business or matters in the jurors' hands.  Now, as the trial of this case begins, I wish to remind you of your oath, in the presence of the entire jury, for two important reasons. 

First, I want to be certain that you remember your oath and are faithful to it throughout the trial.  Remember, importantly, that you are not a juror in this case.  (Mr./Ms.) <name of deaf or hearing impaired juror> is a juror, and you are here solely as (his/her) sworn interpreter.

Second, I want to be sure that the jurors fully understand and appreciate the legal limits under which you must do your work.  Respecting those limits, the jurors must make no attempt whatsoever to otherwise involve you in this trial.


General Statutes 51-245a; 51-245 (d), Practice Book 16-1, 16-8.


This instruction is only applicable where sign language, as opposed to Computer-Assisted Real-Time Transcription (CART) service, is used.


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