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2.9-7 Procedures for Reporting Verdict

Revised to January 1, 2008

When you have reached a verdict, knock on the door and the marshal will alert me.  When you are told to enter the courtroom, the foreperson should sit in the first seat in the first row.  When the jury is asked if it has reached a verdict, the foreperson should respond.  The marshal will then hand the verdict to me and the verdict will be read twice to you.  You will each be asked to respond whether it is your verdict, as a check that the verdict is, in fact, unanimous. 

You should not at that point expect me to make any comment about your verdict.  It has been my task to rule on issues of evidence and to instruct you on the law.  It is your task to decide the case, and I will leave that strictly up to you and make no comment on what you decide.  It is, of course, merely the division of duties, and not any lack of appreciation of your efforts, that keeps me from commenting on your decision.



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