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3.7-10  Statutory Negligence - Brakes

Revised to January 1, 2008

The plaintiff alleges that the defendant's brakes were defective in violation of General Statutes 14-80h.  This statute states that "[e]ach motor vehicle, other than a motorcycle, shall be equipped, when operated on a highway, with at least two braking systems one of which shall be a service brake system and the other a parking brake system . . .  Each braking system, including any power assist devices used to reduce operator braking effort, shall be maintained in good working order at all times."


General Statutes 14-80h (a) through (h) sets forth particular safety requirements for parking and service brake systems.  Reference should be made to 14-80h (f) for standards governing vehicles, including tractor trailers, with a gross vehicle weight in excess of ten thousand pounds.  Section 14-80i sets forth the braking requirements for motorcycles.  Section 14-81 specifies the brake equipment required for trailers.


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