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4.1-15 Breach of Contract

New September 28, 2012

The plaintiff claims that the defendant breached its contract with the plaintiff. In order to recover on a breach of contract claim, the plaintiff must prove:

  1. the formation of an agreement with the defendant;
  2. that the plaintiff performed (his/her/its) obligations under the agreement;
  3. that the defendant failed to perform (his/her/its) obligations under the agreement; and
  4. as a result, the plaintiff sustained damages.
The plaintiff claims (he/she/it) had a contract with the defendant to <describe nature of contract>. The plaintiff claims that the defendant breached (his/her/its) contract with the plaintiff in that <describe nature of breach> and that as a direct and proximate result of defendant's actions, the plaintiff has been damaged.


Keller v. Beckenstein, 117 Conn. App. 550, 558, cert. denied, 294 Conn. 913 (2009).


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