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5.2-4  CUTPA - Offends Public Policy

Revised to January 1, 2008

The plaintiff asserts that the defendant's <insert conduct> constituted an unfair trade practice because it "offends public policy."  The public policy of the State of Connecticut is <describe policy>.  You must decide whether the defendant's conduct offended that public policy.

[<If violation of a statute is claimed:>  Violation of a statute does not automatically result in a CUTPA violation.  Therefore, even if you find that the defendant violated a statute, you must still decide whether the plaintiff has proved that the defendant's statutory violation "offends public policy."] 


Edmands v. CUNO, Inc., 277 Conn. 425, 450 n.16 (2006); Willow Springs Condominium Assn., Inc. v. Seventh BRT Development Corp., 245 Conn. 1, 43 (1998); Jacobs v. Healey Ford-Subaru, Inc., 231 Conn. 707, 727 (1995); Normand Josef Enterprises v. Connecticut National  Bank, 230 Conn. 486, 524-25 (1994); Weglarz v. Plaza Ford, Inc., Superior Court, judicial district of Middlesex, Docket No. CV 94 0071519 (August 30, 1995).


Use this instruction only if there is a claim under this prong.

The court needs to tell the jury what the public policy is.


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