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Criminal Jury Instructions  

Criminal Jury Instructions



"Health care employee" means any individual directly or indirectly employed by, or serving as a volunteer for, a health care employer, who (A) is involved in direct patient care, or (B) has direct contact with the patient or the patient's family when (i) collecting or processing information needed for patient forms and record documentation, or (ii) escorting or directing the patient or the patient's family on the premises of the health care employer.

"Health care employer" means any institution, as defined in section 19a-490 of the general statutes, with fifty or more full or part-time employees. Health care employer includes a facility for the care or treatment of mentally ill persons or persons with substance abuse issues, a residential facility for persons with intellectual disability licensed pursuant to section 17a-227 of the general statutes, and a community health center, as defined in section 19a-490a of the general statutes.

Source General Statutes 19a-490q (a) (1) and (2) (applies to 53a-167c).






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