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Criminal Jury Instructions

Criminal Jury Instructions Home

1.1-2 Role of the Jury

Revised to December 1, 2007

As a juror it will be your duty to decide, based on the evidence presented here in this courtroom, whether or not the state has proved beyond a reasonable doubt the elements of each crime charged in a count.

It is your job as jurors to decide the facts. You will decide what the facts are based on the evidence presented in this courtroom; you will not make any private investigations. As a juror, you may draw any and all inferences that you find reasonable and logical from the evidence you hear. You will follow the instructions as to the law that applies in this case as I will explain it to you. You must follow the instructions as to the law, whether or not you agree with it. As jurors you must put aside your personal opinions as to what the law is or should be, and you must apply the law as I instruct. You will apply the law, as instructed, to the facts you find, based on the evidence, and in that way reach your verdict.

As to each count, your verdict will be either guilty or not guilty. Your verdict as to a count must be unanimous; all (six / twelve) jurors must agree on the verdict as to each count.


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